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Pay-per-ticket eCitations are the zero money down answer for agencies with capital budget concerns

As soon as the system was up and running, within only 2 hours we were able to recover $9,100 from scofflaw violations like unpaid registration.
Allen Swicord, Chief of Police
Milledgeville Police Department

gtechna offers a pay-per-ticket eCitation option that makes owning an eCitations solution affordable for any sized municipality or police agency.

Only pay for what you use. Advanced parking and traffic enforcement are no longer only for large cities. With the pay-per-ticket option, join a growing list of technology leaders in parking enforcement and law enforcement, including the Milledgeville Police Department, that have transformed their agency into a lean and profitable operation.

  • finance other value add technologies with the returns from pay-per-ticket
  • No up front costs
  • Start generating revenue as soon as the system is turned on
  • Full access to Officer™ suite eCitation services
  • Full maintenance package
  • Access to future upgrades and new service offerings


Download Pay Per Ticket Calculator & White Paper